Friday, November 16, 2012

How To Read Women's Body Language

Let's say you're out on the town and you see a beautiful woman that quickly captures your attention and she begins to touch her hair, looks your way, and smile. You were looking at her all this time and you imagine how impossible it would be to ask her out because if you did she would no doubt reject you. In reality, you've just sold yourself short and messed out on an golden opportunity. If you knew how to read women's body language, you would've noticed that she was actually throwing out clues for you to make a move and was clearly attracted to you just as much as you were to her. By learning to read and understand a woman's body language you can prevent chances like this from slipping by you.

First of all, what you need to be aware of is that there are to two types of body language, closed and open. Closed signs tell you when a woman isn't interested or doesn't want to be bothered. Meanwhile, the open signs that a woman gives off shows you when a woman is attracted or interested in getting to know you.

Close Body Language:

The most obvious sign that a woman doesn't want to be bothered is when her arms are folded. This doesn't necessarily mean she doesn't like you or isn't attracted to you but rather simply that she's not in the mood. It's possible that she's uncomfortable, agitated, or again doesn't want to be bothered with meeting men at least at the moment.

If you've started a conversation with a woman you've decided to approach and she rolls her eyes it should be a clear sign that she's embarrassed or annoyed with you. The chances of success with a woman who does this are very slim since she's already made up her mind about you. Another fact you should keep in mind and learn to quickly read is if she leans back after you are about to approach her. This the signal that women will give you that they don't want to be around you and that you should back away.

Open Body Language:

Reaction To Eye Contact

One classic example I will use is when a woman flips her hair. When a women flips her hair then afterwards looks your way its an obvious signal that she's attracted to you and wants your full attention.

An important thing you should understand is how to read her reaction after eye contact is established. You can tell she's not interested in you if she looks away and does nothing afterwards. However, when a woman shows signs that she has become nervous due to you looking at her then its an obvious she's interested in you.

Examples of these signs include doing things like:

- Adjusting clothes
- Playing with her watch and/or jewelry
- Checking her cell phone suddenly

Signals While Talking

Once you've decided to approach her and begin a conversation, one sign a woman gives you tha women's coats t you've won her over is when she leans forward and seems interested in everything you say. A subtle and subconscious way of a woman showing you a sign that she wants you is if she exposes wrists and has the palm of her hands open. It's her way of telling you that she's willing to be submissive to you.

My favorite example of open body language that women show is when they laugh at all or almost all your jokes (whether or not they're funny), continue to smile a lot, and start touching you. It's a clear sign that she's become comfortable with you and that she's really attracted to you. This is one of the best times to make your move to ask her out on a date and get her number.

Studies have shown that a woman's body language actually tells you more than half of what she really means even more so than speaking words. With that in mind, while it does make a difference to understand it, it shouldn't be thought of as totally fool proof. Even if a woman's body language is closed to you this shouldn't stop you from actually attempting to start a polite conversation if you really like her.

While fear of rejection is something that most men face, the only time you really fail is when you don't try. Usually the worst that could happen is a woman telling you that she's not interested in you. Anything worse then that and it should tell you a good sign that she's not someone you should pursue anyway.

Always remember to pay attention to what her body is actually saying but it's up to you to decide on whether or not you'll act on things and how you'll act which really determines your success.

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