Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Discover The Harm Today That Fleas Can Do to Your Dog.

If you believe your dog may be overrun with fleas and it is affecting his health, then take some time out to discover what parasites are capable of, and this could help your dog to enjoy his life more and possibly save his life in the long term.

If you accept as true the dog may be swamped with fleas and influencing his physical condition, then investigate the diseases that parasites can create, and this in turn can give your dog a happier and longer life.

If you are a dog owner and are wondering why your dog spends a great deal of time scratching his- self, then he is probably giving a home to parasites of some kind. Parasites are widespread among dogs, and are always looking for a warm place to make a home, and a dog is a perfect target because of his warm fir coat.

Furthermore the most unpleasant part is parasites feed on a dog's blood, and are found on the dog's skin, and in his coat.

There quite a few parasites to choose from for instance; fleas, ticks, mites, and lice and all have much the same effect on a dog, and that is causing the dog to itch or scratch, however there are further issues that can affect a dogs health for example; the dogs skin will appear sore and inflated, in more extreme cases then you can observe bald spots in the dogs coat.

Parasites can seriously affect your dog's health in severe cases anaemia, and blood loss which can in turn cause the dog to appear injured, this would be more apparent in older dogs.

In addition fleas are capable of passing on tape worm and this leads to having devastating repercussions with regard to the dog's immune system, constipation in a dog is common under these circumstances.

Ticks are another parasite to pay careful attention to in respect of; they can cause a dog to be infected with Lyme disease and Paralysis these are very serious diseases in a dog and can prove to be fatal.

Fleas are arguably the most frequent parasite found in dogs, and these little fellows can make life miserable for your dog, plus are very difficult to spot. The general colour of them is light brown, and if you do m women's coats anage to spot one that would be very unusual. They jump around at a fast pace.

Fleas are renowned to breed very quickly, and are capable of laying more than a hundred eggs in one day, and what's more each of these eggs turn into adult fleas very quickly producing thousands more fleas, so one single flea can be a major problem if not eliminated in time.

It is a simple task to find out if your dog is infested with fleas, they cause the dog to scratch in different areas of the dog's body, for example; the ears and the end of the tail are the most common however; other areas include the stomach, and the tummy.

The bite of flea is surprisingly not a major problem, the saliva that the flea produces is more of a problem in respect of numerous dogs have an allergy for this substance, and can create "hot spots" this is a easy to spot in a dog by the condition of the skin that will look sore which comes about by scratching.

If you suspect your dog is infected with fleas, it is necessary to take a real close look at your dog's skin, it is almost impossible to see the fleas with the human eye, however the poop of the flea is easier to see it looks like little black spots of crushed pepper.

If you groom your dog with a comb on a regular basis this is a good way of finding the fleas poop by wiping the comb with a tissue after grooming, it's easy to see because it will be the same colour as blood, the reason for this is blood is a flea's main source of food.

I hope you have taken pleasure in this information and has made you sensitive to how parasites are able to make life unhappy for your pet.

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