Monday, November 19, 2012

Giving Service and the Breast Cancer Bracelet

The impact that breast cancer has made on our society has been weighty, and lot of people continue in their attempts to increase awareness for the illness. You may well have exhibited your own support by purchasing and wearing a breast cancer bracelet, but you may not realize the volunteer opportunity that a simple piece of jewelry can have.

The imprint that the step of volunteering can have is sometimes discounted, and lots of people choose to give their money through the purchase of pink products or services or donations instead of donating their time. However, the simple act of becoming a volunteer does amazing things for both the philanthropy and the volunteer. Contributing your time to a breast cancer cause can unite you with others in your neighborhood and contribute to in your own healing.

There has been significant research concerning the link amongst the body and they mind, and the ways that the physical body responds to kind acts and efforts to support other people in need. Actually, there have been some indicators that patients of cancer especially can improve their state of health by volunteering for others and actively supporting a cause. In many cases, one feels a sense of peace and finds inspiration when they have the chance to give to other people. The network of individuals dedicated to offering services on behalf of breast cancer awareness has developed into a widespread community of survivors, their loved ones, and the family and friends of people who finally succumbed to their struggle against the illness. This bond produces great energy for each person involved and benefits the outlook of every cancer victim.

There are numerous ways that you can get involved in volunteering for breast cancer awareness, consistsing of things like walking or running in a sponsored race, hosting a fundraising party, or creating your own unique way of giving back.

As you can see from the following example, the spirit of volunteering can mix with something as simple as a breast cancer bracelet to do astonishing things for volunteers and the cause alike.

Expanding the Reach of the Breast Cancer Bracelet

A St. Louis company, called Circle of Hope Bracelets, was formed by Fran Lafrak-Brown in the late 90's. As a survivor herself, Fran decided to use her skills making jewelry to create a legacy of volunteering for breast cancer awareness. Kicking off with her very own special version of a breast cancer bracelet, Fran gave word that revenues from all things sold from her enterprise would be confered to numerous organizations that fight cancer.

Actually, the jewelry designed by Fran goes beyond a breast cancer bracelet and can possibly be a word for survivors of any form of cancer. To Fran, the H.O.P.E. in her circle of hope bracelets symbolize hope, optimism, peace of mind, and enthusiasm for life for all cancer victims. As a symbolic representation, the bracelet has produced a union between volunteers, victims, and family members that has uplifted them all. Emerging from the breast cancer bracelet movement that had already made a difference, Fran used her novel approach to bring together her own community.

The sad thing is, Fran lost her battle with breast cancer shortly after forming her company, but Circle of Hope Bracelets continues as a significant contributor to cancer organizations around the globe. Those at the company today see the organization as the ultimate tribute to Fran and her ability to take a breast cancer bracelet line and completely transform it into a thing that has made a difference for a whole entire community of cancer survivors. In fact, volunteers for Circle of Hope make bracelets that improve a wide variety of cancer charities.

Ever since she launched the company in 1999, Fran's undertakings have flourished to an organization upheld by hundreds of generous women's jackets online volunteers, who make each bracelet by hand and call attention to them in the St. Louis area. Their time and efforts have produced the sale of hundreds of thousands of bracelets and generated almost $ 3 million being contributed to help in the fight against cancer.

As you can see, the significance of volunteering can go far beyond the mere act of giving a couple hours of time. Even a simple item, like a breast cancer bracelet, can stimulate a reaction that makes a major difference to cancer victims and their families.

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