Monday, November 19, 2012

9 Fashion Tips for Men Over 40

At the age of 40, you feel complete with all the experience, wisdom and learning that make you smarter and stronger than before. But the stickiness of the situation is that at this point you are confused about the dressing sense and do not really know what to wear when. Sometimes you just give up because of the innumerous suggestions that you receive from everyone but at the same time you have to remember is that fashion is not only for the young generation but for every individual of all ages. Hence you should not stop checking out the latest fashion ideas for the men who have already crossed the age of 40. You can remain a charmer and the heart of the party forever my staying updated with the latest fashion statements.

According to Kim Johnson Gross, co-founder of Chic Simple Ltd, any individual should not give up on fashion just because he has crossed the age of 40 and hence there are some guidelines which are advisable to be followed.

* Don't Bring Out the Old Clothes - It is advisable for you not to pull out the old clothes from the racks that will make you look old and outdated. Rather you should spend money on new clothes that goes along with your change in hair and skin color.

* Simple and Comfortable Clothes - It is advisable for you not to invest in clothes with loud and blaring colors as it sends out the wrong message that you are desperate to look young. Rather you should go for the more diverse range of clothes with a variety of solid colors that will make you look subdued and respectable. Hence you should wear only simple and comfortable clothes at this age.

* Colors that Make you Look Sick - At the age of 40, the features of a man deteriorate and hence the skin and hair color changes. Therefore one should not wear clothes that make you look sick and rather go for the colors that still flatters and accentuates your look.

* Clothes that Seem that you have Borrowed your Son's Clothes - Men over 40 should be careful of what they wear as wearing trendy and stylish clothes often draws a lot of attention and obviously you would not want hear comments such as "looks as if this 40 year old man has borrowed his son's clothes!".

* Classic Clothes - It is advisable for a 40 year old man to wear something classic that stands the test of time rather than wearing something trendy that makes you look like a wannabe.

* What Time is T-off? - Men's lifestyle change over time and in the process they are not able to catch up with the latest fashion statements, even for the ones above 40. As they are wearing suits to work everyday and casuals jeans and t-shirts on the weekends, they are lost in the transition of fashion sense and by this time they are confused about what to wear.

women's coats

* Sport Coat - One who is over the age of 40 can wear sport coats as it is a great transition item, even in suede. Men who generally wear formal shoes on weekdays and sneakers on weekends can now wear more casual shoes like driving moccasins.

* Having a Nice body - Even if a man has a nice body, he cannot afford to wear the clothes he used to wear while he was in his 20s. Suppose a man has a six-pack and a great butt, he cannot afford to wear low cut and tight fitting jeans that he used to wear in his youth. Alternatively, he can now wear flattering, stylish jeans and t-shirts that will accentuate his look.

* Individuals who are Style Challenged - The individuals who are style challenged should visit a stylish store in order to check out the latest fashion statements and then decide on updating his wardrobe.

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