Sunday, December 2, 2012

A-List Treasures, Turning Celebrities Possessions into Charitable Proceeds, Is Now Seeking Items from Celebrities for Charity Donations

A-List Treasures, LLC, a woman-owned web-based auction company based in southeastern Michigan, is now seeking donations from celebrities for charity. For founder, Lauren Davis, this venture was born out of a creative need to help a variety of others. In an effort to gain national attention and promote the service, the company is on a publicity mission to be recognized by celebrities who want to be green and recycle their lightly used goods that they no longer need or want. All proceeds will benefit the celebrities' charity of choice.

What sets A-List Treasures apart from competitors is the attention to every detail from collecting the goods all the way through the auction process. A-List Treasures professionally photographs, catalogs, crafts detailed descriptions, posts the items to the site for auction and even handles the shipping and payment process. Amazingly, the service doesn't end there. A-List Treasures also promotes the celebrity by providing links to their website, Twitter, Facebook pages and provide information on recent endeavors if the celebrity so desires.

The charity or private foundation will also reap the benefits of this service through maximizing their exposure of their mission to the world at large using the leverage of their celebrity supporter. This will help the charity increase awareness of their cause, leading to the real potential of increasing their contribution dollars, all with no investment or expenditure to the charity or private foundation. A win-win scenario for everyone.

Lauren Davis has seen this first hand: "I've sat on boards for charities, and saw that the smaller, loc women's jackets al charities continually tap the same set of contributors. A-List Treasures offers the opportunity for these smaller charities to expand their geographical reach"

The publicity doesn't end with the auction. A-List Treasures will maintain news articles and success stories of the charities and missions it has helped on the A-List Treasures website for all to see.

To contact A-List Treasures or donate items from celebrities for charity auctions please visit

About A-List Treasures:

A-List Treasures is an exclusive, full service web-based auction company structured for retail sales of celebrity and a-lister possessions with the proceeds benefiting the favorite charity or private foundation of the celebrity's choice. Celebrity treasures shouldn't get lost in a sea of ordinary auction items on overstocked websites. These pre-owned prizes are unique treasures because of who owned them and stories behind them.

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