Tuesday, December 4, 2012

EdenFantasys Celebrates One Year of Giving with EdenGivesBack

EdenGivesBack is an EdenCommunity based micro-organization, open to all whom embrace the spirit of charity. Meetings are conducted on the EdenFantasys forum, where ideas and suggestions for new projects and programs are discussed and organized.

As we close the book on our first full year of EdenGivesBack, let's take a moment to appreciate some of the incredible achievements of the community here at EdenFantasys. This group worked together to achieve something bigger than themselves through EdenGivesBack, and they are geared up to make even more positive changes in their communities as year two begins. Community Director Gary Steinour beams, "We are very proud of our community, and we hope their generosity will inspire others."

Proud to Serve: There is a special place in the hearts of EdenGivesBack for our troops, and as a community and company, we are thrilled that we could do our part to support our soldiers overseas and our veterans at home. In 2011, EBG sponsored one contributor as she ran a 9K to benefit disabled veterans in New England, and the community later worked with two other contributors to organize a magazine subscription and care package drive for troops in Iraq.

EdenGivesBack: Joplin, MO - When disaster struck, our amazing community stepped up to do their part. We all remember that in May of 2011, a tornado ripped through Joplin, Missouri. Six weeks after the fateful storm, nearly one third of the people in the city of Joplin were still homeless, and living in tents at a local campground. The community of EdenGivesBack were quick to organize a fundraiser to support the relief efforts. Through the EGB program, people all over the nation were able to come together to help a city in need.

EdenGivesBack: Clothing Drive - Charity isn't just about dollars and cents. In 2011, the members of the EGB program decided to create an ongoing project that encourages the community to donate clothing and other usable items to local charities. A number of our members have made a huge difference for their local communities by going through their closets and basements and passing on things that they no longer use to other families in need. As 2012 rolls around, EGB plans to continue the project, and create an ongoing blog to catalog and encourage donations.

Breast Cancer Awareness: Save the Ta-Ta's! - As a company, EdenFantasys.com organized a number of projects geared towards Breast Cancer Awareness to raise funds to support the Save the Ta-Tas organization, and we utilized our impressive community to create a campaign of caring. EdenFantasys partnered with Evolved Novelties and created a promotion that would donate money to Save the Ta-Ta's and breast cancer research for every pink toy purchased.

Our community also created video messages to help raise awareness, and encourage women and men to show their Ta-Ta's some love. Across the Eden Family, from the EdenFantasys site, to EdenCafe and Sexis, Facebook and Twitter; we worked tirelessly to collect personal messages of support, spread important facts and information, and of course, stand behind Breast Cancer survivors and the loved ones at their sides. We are certainly looking forward to bringing this campaign back in 2012, and EdenFantasys has set the bar high for success, all thanks to our community.

AIDS Service Center NYC - For a few years now, EdenFantasys has paired with the AIDS Service Center of New York City to raise money for AIDS awareness. This year we continued the tradition, both in August and for World AIDS Day, December 1st. In August, EdenFantasys.com partnered with luxury toy manufacturer JimmyJane to donate a portion of sales proceeds to ASC.

In December, EF hosted a Twitter-thon, with the goal of donating $1,000 for 1,000 tweets in support of World AIDS Day and ASC NYC. Not only were did we succeed, but thanks to a partnership with WET and Evolved Novelties, EdenFantasys was able to donate even more to this amazing support organization! In addition to the fund raising, we offered a chance for anybody to voice messages of support and help raise awareness with posts on the EdenFantasys site, to EdenCafe and Sexis, Facebook and Twitter, and the EF team worked together a video collage to show the company's support of this very worthy cause.

EdenGivesBack: Holidays 2011 – It was the holiday season of 2010 that first inspired EdenFantasys to create a community organization with charity in mind, and we were certainly ready to hit one out of the park in 2011! The end result of this spectacular holiday campaig women's coats n was enough money to feed two entire homeless shelters for Thanksgiving, and enough money and toys to sponsor a Christmas celebration for six families in need.

EdenFantasys.com is grateful to and proud to support the people of our community who reach out to those in need of love, support, and appreciation. As 2012 begins, EdenGivesBack is preparing for even greater projects and goals for the year, and we can't wait to share their results!


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