Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cordless Drills - The 6-Point Checklist Before You Buy

Key Features Of Cordless Drills
As an introduction, to cordless drills, there are some key features you need to know. There is the versatile развертка ручная which is usually in the lower to middle price range for use around the house or farm for drilling holes and driving screws. They are a popular choice, and sufficient for most tasks that involve woodworking projects, or drilling into light metal. The main features of these drills are their lower cost, and 12-volt battery capacity going up to an 18-volt battery size. The maximum size of the keyless chuck usually holds сверла по металлу up to 3/8" which is sufficient for most handyman jobs.
Specialized Cordless Drills
Then there are specialized cordless drills with more torque, and higher rated batteries. An example is the hammer drill for combining a drilling and hammer action for making holes in bricks and masonry. From my experience, nothing is more frustrating than an under powered cordless drill for this purpose. As these drills deliver thousands of blows per minute, they must be robust enough to last longer than normal drills. Don't compromise on cost if you need a hammer drill for the bigger jobs as more expensive batteries will perform better in the long run.
Variable Functions
The following are some of the functions to look for when buying a cordless drill. Does it have a two-speed gearbox? High speed gear (1200 rpm) would be for faster drilling, and a low-speed gear (400 rpm) for controlling screw driver jobs. Check if the drill will rotate faster by squeezing the trigger, or by adjusting a circular ring. Generally I prefer to be able to set the rpm depending on the job I am doing.
Advantage of Two Batteries
Does the drill have 2 batteries? Not having two batteries can be frustrating if you have to stop work to recharge the battery. This is a compelling reason to have two batteries to avoid down time. Buy the highest rated batteries you can afford as they will give you the most efficient long-term service.
Comfortable Feel
Do not overlook how a cordless drill will feel when you use it. For drilling and screwing small jobs around the house, the weight or balance may not be critical. But before you buy a larger drill, check out whether you will feel comfortable when holding it for any length of time, especially above your head.
Checklist Summary
The 6 point checklist before you buy your cordless drill is as follows:
1. Before you enter the power tool shop to purchase your drill ask yourself if you need it for odd jobs around the house, or will you be doing more specialised jobs.
2. Check out the different features i.e. dual speeds, reversible motor to extract screws, and a hand adjustable chuck that will open to take the maximum bit size you want to use.
3. For specialised jobs such as drilling masonry and concrete the drill needs to be rugged enough to get the job done as easily and efficiently as possible?
4. If you want to get your jobs done without unnecessary downtime check out the highest capacity battery you can afford. Check its recharge time. For the bigger jobs, two batteries can be alternated as one can be used while the other is recharging.
5. If all the cordless drills you like are equal for your purpose, the one that is most comfortable to handle should be your buying choice.
6. Stick to the well-known brands of cordless drills that give you a warranty.
How To Get Long Life Satisfaction From Your Cordless Drill
Have a clear idea when you go to buy a cordless drill that you know what functions you want it to do. If you can afford it, buy a drill that will perform at a higher power than what you essentially need i.e. 18-volt rather than a 12-volt model. The higher power will get the job done more quickly and efficiently. Spending a bit more money on batteries will also pay off in the long run as they will charge faster and achieve a longer life span. Remember, if all evaluated cordless drill functions are equal choose the drill that is the easiest to handle.

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