Monday, April 23, 2012

In regards to double roller crusher and double-geared roller crusher, a majority of people cannot distinguish them: Are They the identical

When it comes to double roller crusher and stone crusher, a majority of individuals cannot distinguish them. Several persons consider they are the identical 1. You're incorrect. They are entirely unique. And they have unique benefits. Let's know their distinction from their function.

Double roller crusher

Before you really feel confused, let's know something concerning the double roller crusher. It's an old crusher and It has uncomplicated structure. It consists of roller, bearing, driving device, adjustment technique, and so on. And it really is unfit for crushing the hard material.

It has fixed roller and mobile roller. And their surface is smooth. The supplies are crushed by utilizing the two rollers. And the rollers extrude and rub the material when working. This way tends to make the size of the material become thinner.

It installs a liner plate. Its high abrasive resistance makes the liner plate final its life. It can be utilised for about one year. So you don't generally need to check or repair it. It also installs a dust shield. So it keeps the work spot clean. And it prevents worker from breathing a lot of dust.

It also consists of other functions: tiny volume, quick operation and expedient upkeep.

Double-geared roller crusher

It really is used in cement, ceramic, coal, glass and also other industries. It consists of driving device, mechanical spring device, link gear, and so on.

It adopts the tooth roller. Its surface like person's tooth so that it is hassle-free to crush the material. And it could alter to work with the thick or medium tooth roller at any time according to the feature of material.

It crushes the material by rotating the tooth roller and extruding. Compared with the rock crusher, the size in the material is thicker by working with the tooth roller.

Its toothed plate created of alloy material has high abrasive resistance. Therefore, it assists last the life in the crusher.

By using the gaskets adjusting device, the size from the material might be adjusted. It's an extremely beneficial device. It can satisfy several demands. If you want to make the size larger, just add extra gaskets. Accordingly, decreasing the gasket will make the size smaller. It's handy to maintain and repair. Moreover the noise is lower for the duration of working.

Although they belong to the roller crusher, they may be completely various. They have distinctive effects, features and structures. But each of them are fit for crushing various sorts of materials. And they're a fantastic helper for the duration of operating. Right after reading, I hope you can distinguish them now.

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