Thursday, February 16, 2012

Short Introduction about Double Roller Crusher

Roller crusher is used in intermediate crushing and good crushing in cement plant, chemical business, electric energy station, metallurgical industry, materials for building, fireproofing materials and other industries. Roller crusher primarily consists of roller, supporting bearing, compression and adjusting gadget, and actuating device, etc. As per the specification, roller crusher is often divided into double roller crusher, 4 roller crusher and gear roller crusher. Now we'll introduce ambigu roller crusher briefly.

Operating theory of ambigu roller crusher:

The adjustment of discharging granularity: there exists a wedge-shape or gasket adjusting device amongst the two rollers, and on the top rated from the wedge-shape gadget, you'll find adjusting bolts. When the adjusting bolts raise the wedge upwards, the wedge pushes movable roller far from the fixed roller, therefore the gap between two rollers gets to be big and the discharging granularity will become big. Once the wedge moves downwards, the gap among two rollers gets small below the impact of stress spring. As a result, the discharging granularity is modest. The gasket gadget adjusts the discharging granularity by altering the quantities and thickness of gaskets. When the quantities of gaskets boost, the gap among two rollers gets to be huge, therefore the discharging granularity turns into substantial and once the quantities of gaskets lower, the gap becomes tiny, and then the discharging granularity gets to be modest.

Improve the deironization operate. If materials which cannot be crushed (to illustrate, drill bit) drop into the gap amongst two rollers, the roller crusher may perhaps be demolished, which may cause malfunction from the crusher. So iron removal gadget ought to be installed for the roller crusher.

Adhesive materials may block the crushing room readily, end users will need to cease the crusher very first when deal with the blocking issue, and do not poke the materials when the roller crusher is in motion.

When there are various large-size supplies for ambigu roller crusher to crush, customers should certainly be careful due to the fact large materials may be piled out from the crushing room and damage men and women or harm the equipment.

When the double roller crusher has worked for any extended time, the roller surface will be abraded that will result in overly okay granularity. At the moment, users ought to modify the discharging hole or examine the gear.

Boost the inspection with the elements of double roller crusher. Users really should include lubricating oil to the double roller crusher in time so that the gear is in fantastic lubrication state.

Within the finish, double roller crusher's set up and maintenance is extremely important frequent perform. It should certainly cooperate with its operation and inspection function closely, and should really be inspected by fulltime workers.

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