Monday, February 20, 2012

Attentive Factors on Cone Crusher Choice and Buy

Cone crusher may be the new type crusher developed by adopting new sort crushing notion. The equipment construction theory is completely distinctive from other crusher of jaw crusher, hammer crusher and effect crusher. Its special crushing functionality and output capability is incomparable by other kind crushers. Cone crusher is often divided into coarse crushing, secondary crushing and good grinding 3 sorts. Coarse cone crusher is also known as gyratory crusher. Secondary crushing and okay grinding cone crusher will also be known as bacterium form cone crusher.

At this moment, European and American countries mechanical modest crushing market develops considerably well. There are actually a great deal of items worth finding out and getting instance. In order for harmonious development' facing all-natural environment, it demands mechanical smaller crusher to become far more energy saving and environment protective'. By virtue of continuous exploration various sophisticated smaller crushing process goes on mode, source, method and business, it makes environment air pollution and atmosphere ruin brought on by little crusher minimized. Then, dealing with continuous development of compact crusher procedure, what might we spend attention after we purchase? By next, let us occur to look at this issue.

To begin with, selection theory is made the decision by feed particle or layout particle size. Pick super coarse or coarse sort for all those big feed particle and pick secondary or very good type around the contrary. When calculate feed particle, use largest dimension feed particle on cut edge as size foundation to pick feed particle.

Secondly, in scale-board selection, person have to contemplate three elements of output, energy dissipation and wear resistance of scale-board. The lengthier scale-board may be the greater power dissipation is. Challenging materials chooses brief scale-board and soft materials chooses extended one particular. In materials arrangement, great material chooses brief scale-board and coarse material chooses extended a single. In terms of feed particle arrangement, materials smaller sized than shut edge normally cannot surpass ten percent of whole material, in any other case, energy dissipation would raise and item particle would turn into piece. Adhesive material water comprising improve would impact materials throughput capacity. Normally, materials water comprising should certainly not surpass 5 %. In regards to power rate usage, typical cone crusher really should obtain seventy five % to 80 %. Short head cone crusher really should acquire 80 percent to 85 percent.

Thirdly, cone crusher frequently arises quite a few problems during operation because of negative making use of atmosphere, heavy dirt and not adequate maintenance. In frequent, we should really spend focus to following challenges in the course of cone crusher operation. For one particular thing, when cone crusher is operating, keep feed material even instead segregation. If feed material is uneven, there would emerge creation functionality reduce, overlarge product particle, frequent spring movement, huge bearing pressure and boosting power usage. For an additional, there should really be de-ironing gadget to stop over-ironing of crusher chamber. In case of regular over-ironing, it may well lead to axle breaking incident.

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