Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Right Use & Maintenance of Air Conditioner Helps Improve Service Life

The auto air conditioners are frequently used. Car owners are enjoying air conditioner when driving, and at the same time, they might pay due attention to the right usage and maintenance of auto air conditioner, so that they can improve the service life and efficiency of air conditioner.

First, the correct usage: the appropriate maintenance of auto air conditioner can not merely improve the service life of rod mill, it will also maintain the better operating state of air conditioning system.

Don't switch on air conditioner once starting the car: when the car is started, don't immediately switch on the air conditioner. After sitting on the car seat, you should certainly to start with roll down the two sides of windows, and turn into the external cycle, and then you can adjust the cooling degree of air conditioner to the biggest in order to force the hot air out of the car. When hot air is gradually dispersed, you can roll up the windows, and change the external cycle into the internal cycle, you can moderately adjust the air conditioning temperature, in such doing, the cooling effect of air conditioner can be better. Meanwhile, it can decrease the burden of auto air conditioner.

Before turning off car, people should switch off the rod mills: if people turn off air conditioner, or they don't turn off air conditioner, after the car is stopped, it can result in large volume of mildew breeding within the air condition, and it will cause bad taste of air conditioner, which happens to be harmful to car owner. It is suggested that car owners really should turn off air conditioner 6 to seven minutes before stopping the car, so that the rest hot air can dry the water within the evaporation tank in order to eliminate temperature difference with the outside. Hence, it can maintain comparatively dry in air conditioning system as well as reduce the bad taste in air conditioner.

Secondly, careful maintenance: as auto air condition evaporator and blower are in the sealed and dark environment for a long time, their inner environment is high-temperature and humid. After impurity, dust, bacteria and virus in the air enter air condition, they will be bonded with condensed water, and thereby they will be blocked on the evaporator, npt adapter along with components. Through years of accumulation, air conditioner is bonded with large amount of dirt, nicotine, mold as well as mold and the like. Therefore, people who are in the sealed air conditioner room for a long time will easy to have many discomforts, so people ought to regularly maintain the auto air conditioner.

Regularly change hoses in air conditioning system: every air-conditioned car installed must have air conditioner hoses which consist of many rubber and aluminum tubes, like high-pressured tubes, low-pressured tubes and others. As for over-two-years car, high temperature, erosion, vibration, impact as well as other factors will be easily shorten the service life of air conditioning hoses. Therefore, it really is of great importance to check the good condition of air conditioner hoses. So people will need to regularly and forcible change the air conditioner hoses, and they will need to regularly check whether air conditioning hoses and AN Adapter Fittings have grease or not. If there may be leaking, people might consult auto maintenance center as well as check and change those air conditioner hoses.

Wholly check air conditioning compressor: when checking air condition, people will need to notice whether there are abnormal sounds in the front part of air condition, if there are abnormal sounds, they should certainly first of all mend compressor in order to prevent re-mending it again after used for a time of time, and it will easily lead to refrigerant loss. Meanwhile, people ought to check whether the compressor belt is good or not, if the surface of belt and the side of belt groove are bright, and when air condition is started, it has obviously noise, which proves that belt is severely slipped, and people should really change belt and belt pulley. If belt is too loose, people can adjust it, on the other hand, the cooling effect of air conditioner would be malfunctioned.

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