Friday, December 23, 2011

Introduction of Modal Underwear

Modal is the regenerated cellulose fiber from the high-moisture sweat shield which happens to be developed by Lenzing Company in Austria. The uncooked materials of this fiber is used the beech in Europe. First of all, beech is produced into the pulp, after which the pulp will likely be processed into the fiber from the certain spinning process. All the uncooked materials of modal are the natural materials, that are harmless to human, and they can be biodegradable, they do no hurt towards the atmosphere. The whole manufacturing process of fiber hasn't created any air pollution. In addition, modal is often blended with other fibers, for your shaping effect of modal isn't so satisfactory, and modal doesn't have any elastics, so modal is more often than not blended with Lycra, for the elastic of Lycra is very superb, it could most often stretch more than three to 5 times longer than Lycra by itself, so the modal underwear with Lycra is going to be elastic.

The largest advantage of sweat evidence undershirts is to combine the deluxe texture of the natural fiber using the practicality of the artificial fiber. Modal underwear has the softness of cotton, the shininess of silk too as the smoothness of linen. What is a lot more, modal underwear's moisture absorption feature and also the permeability are significantly superior to these of the cotton underwear. Modal underwear has rather higher dyeing price, therefore the colors of modal underwear are vibrant and total. The six traits of sweat evidence underwear are as follows:

Initially, modal underwear feels smooth, and its draping sensation is fantastic, so it is comfy for men and women to wear modal underwear.

2nd, modal underwear's moisture absorption function and permeability are superior to individuals of cotton underwear. Consequently, modal underwear could be the ideal close-body fabrics and wholesome item, and modal underwear is conductive to human physiological circulation and health.

Third, the material of modal underwear is clean, fragile and sleek, so it's the effect of organic silk.

4th, the color of modal underwear is wonderful and glossy, so it really is a type of natural silk fabric.

Fifth, modal underwear has stable wear-ability. Just after testing, the cotton underwear feels tougher and tougher following washing for 25 times. For the opposite, modal underwear nonetheless remains the unique sleek and gentle touching sensation right after it is again and again washed.

Sixth, the clothing effect of modal underwear is exceptional, and its shaping balance is excellent, and thereby modal underwear has the natural crease-proof function and iron-proof feature. As a result, it truly is a lot more handy and all-natural for people to put on modal underwear.

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