Thursday, January 5, 2012

David Jones Launches First-Ever Health Enhancing Men's Underwear

The hottest launch to strike the shelves inside the US & Europe, proving to do everything from reduce back pain, to sculpt the body, to improve a man's golf game, EQUMEN'S range has been named one of British GQ's picks of the year thanks to its cutting-edge design and technology. It has been featured in Time Magazine, Men's Health, New York Times, Business Week, BBC Radio, The Guardian, Daily Mail, Allure and on The Doctors, the Tonight Show, NBC, Today and Fundamental Knowledge News.

The patented Helix-MappingTM System embedded in every garment merges physiotherapy insights with state-of-the sweat proof undershirts wholesale to improve posture, provide core support and visibly streamline the body. "Advanced garment technologies are used within the sweat resistant t shirt wholesale market to help improve athletic performance," says Gavin Jones, co-founder of EqumenTM. "We have leveraged these abilities to engineer garments that can improve men of all shapes and sizes, whether they want to make a confident impression at the office, gain extra support for an active lifestyle, or simply improve everyday ergonomics."

The consequence is a range that fuses function with fashion to create 'fit-wear', a new generation in discount sweat shield that delivers a classic look with healthy-body benefits and visible cosmetic improvement. "Our garments can help every man," adds Jones, "We are excited about the innovation that this start brings to the market."

David Jones is the very first major retailer in Australia to carry the line. "We are seeing evolution in the menswear segment as men are becoming more body and health-conscious," says Sonja Bell, Menswear Buyer. "I believe fit-wear will become a critical element in everyman's wardrobe."

The Core Precision UndershirtTM and Precision UnderwearTM are recognised as must-have items for every man looking to feel his best.

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